Dear Love,

For years I have been mistaking you for someone else. I thought I met you several times in the past but there are just so many disguises that can fool me. I used to think of you as a concept, a price good people were entitled to. I used to connect you with worthiness. As if love was something just a few were worthy of. I now know you’re not a price. I have had to unlearn so many lessons to figure out you are a birthright. You are the result of hands building bridges. You are not a destination. You are the ride. You come in all sizes and shapes. You are always growing, always evolving. You are a work in progress, you are a breath of life. My dear love, I have finally realized I have been looking for you in all the wrong places. I was always reaching out, keeping my eyes wide open. It took some time to figure out you had always been right here, between my lungs, running through my veins, exploding inside my chest. Like I said, I always thought of you as a price, but now I know you are a gift. The secret is not in expectations, the secret is in giving you away. You are not a reward, you are a sacrifice. I always thought of you as perfect and beautiful but now I know you are vulnerable, fragile, like a flower. I now know that you have thorns. But never would I dare to call you weak. For you are the most powerful force in the entire universe. Dear love, I want to thank you for teaching me the meaning of life. I want to thank you for living inside of me. Please, do make yourself at home.

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6 thoughts on “Dear Love.-

  1. Loving Yourself first before all others is the birthright we are given when it comes to Love! No price tag on loving yourself and enjoying being alone. Why do so many people think that someone else should make them happy? Great message Utterly Disclosed.


    • I think it is a process we must go through. Loving yourself is a hard thing to do, but once you understand how important it is then there is no way back.

      Thanks for your comment


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