Love… Such a complex activity. A birthright. Love. A result from connection. It takes a lot of courage to love, to bare your heart and soul and to share the most valuable thing you’ll ever have: yourself. Love. Such a misused word. Love is not what happens when you take, love is what happens when you give. Love is not a commodity. Love’s not something you get when you need to satisfy a need. Love is not an inconvenient, it is not a bump in the road. Love is the ability to give yourself and to appreciate someone else for who he or she really is. Love is not believing someone’s perfect. Love is truth… perfection’s an illusion. Love. The only antidote to fear. Love. The child of compassion, connection, vulnerability. Love. The willingness to hold someone’s hand even when it hurts. Love. The overwhelming experience of throwing your ego out the window and putting someone else’s pain before yours. Love. The only thing I care about mastering.The only measurement of real growth. Love. The most accurate way to find real happiness. Love. An act of faith. Something you can’t demand… you just have to give and wait, and keep on giving, even if it hurts… until one day it will be enough. LOVE.


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