– Any special talents?

  • Full professional proficiency in movie quotes and early millennial slang.
  • Use of English in the middle of sentences in Spanish (also know as “pochería”).
  • Ability to turn any situation into a melodramatic scene.
  • Storytelling as the main way of communication.
  • Great memory skills (When I was 7, I memorized a children’s book after reading it four times).
  • Ability to be socially awkward in almost any human interaction.
  • Ability to find memes for everyday life situations.
  • Often misuse of words on purpose (just to make a point).
  • Creation of new words without explanation.
  • Ability to talk for hours without losing my voice.
  • Finding my own jokes hilarious.
  • Crying every single time I laugh.
  • Ability to answer any given question on one sheet using Helvetica, 10, single spaced (and feeling like it wasn’t enough).
  • Ability to respond with laughter when awful things happen to me.
  • Mirroring emotion (if I see you cry, I’ll cry).

The list goes on. Is this – is this what you need? Is this what you meant by special talents? If you give me more time I can fill an entire sheet using Helvetica, 10, single spaced.

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